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Sandvine Interview Experience for Freshers

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021

I applied in Sandvine through Linkedin, the requirements was to have a minimum 7.5 CG and to have knowledge of C++. I got the link to round 1 in a couple of days after applying.

Round 1(Online Test): The test was conducted on HirePro platform. 

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  • The online test consisted of 3 sections. Each were to be done separately, and were even timed separately. We cannot navigate to another section before completing the current section.  
  • The first section consisted of basic aptitude questions, 15 questions to be done in 20 minutes.
  • The second section consisted of technical questions related to CS subjects like OS, DBMS, CO, CN and output questions from various languages like C, C++, Java, Python. 20 questions were to be done in 40 minutes. Initially it felt like there was a lot of time for this round but I had to scamper around in the end.
  • Third section had 4 coding questions and you were supposed to write the code in a text editor, we didn’t needed to run it. 3 questions – Easy Level, 1 question- Medium Level.
  • I don’t remember the exact question.
  • I received a call just 3 days later for technical interview, The interview was taken by Director of the department I was being selected for.

Round 2(Technical Interview):

  • Brief Introduction 
  • Code 1: Write a code to check if the IP provided is valid or not. I did solved the code, but forgot took characters in consideration. After this we talked on how this code can be corrected.
  • Code 2: Reverse top 5 elements of Stack. This was easy question.
  • After this we discussed about how are function and variables stored in memory.

Then the interviewer asked about Networking.

  • Layers of OSI model
  • Function of each layer
  • TCP header
  • IP header

Then she asked me if I had any questions and the interview was over.

Later that day I got a call from HR for scheduling a meeting for next day for HR Discussion.

Round 3(HR Discussion):

  • Basic Introduction
  • Discussed about what Sandvine does
  • Information regarding my family
  • Why I was not joining the company, which was through campus placements
  • Then she informed me that I have been selected and then discussed the package with me.
  • The interviewer were nice and helpful.

I joined the company a week after I got selected.

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