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Sandvine Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2021

It was an Off-Campus drive. The entire process was virtual as it was done in the Covid era.

First Round: The first round was a written test conducted on HirePro platform. The test has three sections. 

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  • The first section was aptitude and logical reasoning. It consisted of 15 questions and the time given was 20 minutes. 
  • The second section was multiple-choice questions on C, C++, JAVA, Networking. It consisted of 25 questions and the time given was 30 minutes. 
  • The last section was on coding. It consisted of three questions and the time given was 30 minutes. The questions where on DP, Trees and Strings. Here we don’t need to execute programs. A text editor is provided just we need to type.

After  Completing the first round I got a call from HR the next day that I’m selected for further rounds of interviews.

Technical Round1: Questions related to OOPS, C, OS, and networking were asked for the first 15 minutes. Then two coding questions are asked we need to execute them. 

  • The first coding question was on given a paragraph we need to find all the duplicate words, URL’s and we need to print them. 
  • The second coding question was to find the second largest element. 

This round was easy. Basic knowledge of programming will get you through this round.

Technical Round2: In this round, I was interviewed by the Senior Manager of the R&D Team. 

  • He started asking questions on python, OS concepts like VM’s, OOPS Concepts, and some networking questions. 
  • Then he asked questions on Data Structures. Questions were on priority queue, linked list, and trees. 
  • Then two coding questions need to be executed. 
  • The first question was to find the longest palindromic substring from the given string. 
  • The next question was to print the matrix in spiral form. 
  • At the last, we had project-related questions. 

After clearing this round you’ll have your next round with AVP of Sandvine.

AVP Round: Deep Discussions on your projects and some technical questions were asked in this round. 

After clearing this round you will have HR round.

HR Discussions: HR Related questions

  • why do you want to work in Sandvine? 
  • What are your short-term goals and long-term goals? 
  • Then package discussions.

Finally, I got a mail that I’m selected. The entire process was very smooth. Thanks to the Talent Acquisition team for a smooth interview experience.

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