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Samsung Interview Experience for Summer Internship 2021

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Recently, Samsung R and D came to our college for hiring Interns for summer 2021.It has 3 rounds in over all.

ROUND 1:(Online Coding Test)

It was conducted on co-cubes coding platform. The questions were of cakewalk to easy level. There were

3 coding questions, first one is of 3 marks and the latter two is of 5 marks each.

1.)Given a number you have to find the first non-zero digit from the end from factorial of number.  

For example, suppose the given number is 5 then it’s factorial is 120.

then first non-zero digit from the end is 2.

2.) Given a binary tree, you have to find a node in the binary tree  from

where it starts accepting BST property and return it’s size(maximum one).

for example,


       1             3

  5        6    2       8

Here,3 is the node from where BST property satisfies for it’s sub tree and  

we need to return the size of sub tree and node of the above  binary tree.

[Just brute force can crack the problem].

3.)There’s a two dimensional array .we have to traverse either right or right up or right down. The cost of each traverse is the element in the array of given position. Your task is need to return the maximum sum

and print corresponding position where it can start.

for example,

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

here the maximum sum is  via path (1->6->7->8) which is 22 and print position of 1(0,0).[It was a DP problem. Firstly, I solved it using recursion which to took 4 milli-seconds and then I added memoization to it which took 1 milli-seconds to execute]

You have to crack all the problems with all cases for shortlisting for the second round. Around 90+ students wrote the exam,  Only one student was selected fortunately I was the one.


Interviewer was quite happy as he had reviewed my code that was written in the previous round. So he had good opinion on me. He then started the interview. The questions were as follows,

1.) Tell me about yourself

2.)He asked to design weather station by giving constraints.

Those problems can be easily cracked by knowing segment trees, self-balancing trees, Min heap and max- heap and had to code them on google Doc.

3.) He, then asked a question on DP.

a list of strings is given to you. Given an input string, your task is to split the string into substrings such that all sub strings are in the list of strings  and return “no string” if no such possibility.

For example,

string list[] = { “1”,”456″,”789″,”2″};

input string = “12456”

you have to partition the string into the sub strings “1”,”2″,”456″.

The interviewer was quite satisfied with me.  


1.) He asked me about my projects. [As I was from electronics back ground. I haven’t done any projects

from  CS back ground. I felt a bit nervous.]  

2)He asked some question on how to swap a nibble of number.[cake walk]

3)Then, he asked to write code for to check whether a number is power of 2 in one line.

4)Final question is that, what’s the difference between process and thread??

Finally, the interview got ended. I was bit nervous about HR round. Fortunately, I got selected for the summer internship 2021.

Thanks for GFG, for helping the engineering students across the country to build fundamentals of CS subjects in their head.   

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2020
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