Salesforce Interview Experience – MTS | Set 4 (6.5 Years Experience)

Round 1:

  • Design a File System. The interviewer was looking more for the data structures I would use, if I have to build my own File System.
  • Design a Text Editor. Again a DS + Design question. So need to explore various features of a Text editor and best approach to address them all.
  • If that text editor is on Cloud (Something like Google Docs), how would you manage Concurrent scenarios, when multiple users are operating at the same time.

Round 2:

  • Design an Authentication system for a multi-tenant environment. Started out simple, and increased the scope and complexity in terms of scalability.
  • Design a server without using 3rd party tools like tomcat etc.
  • Coin Combination problem (Dynamic Programming).
  • Some questions on applications of Queues and Microservices.

Round 3:

  • Design a Chess Game. It’s an OOAD question.
  • Design an approach for Amazon Flash Sale. How to deal with Contention in a Scalable and Concurrent Environment.

Round 4 (Hiring Manager round having Lunch):

  • Mostly behavioral questions like why do you want to switch, about your current team, role and responsibility, day-to-day activities, innovation, how do you rate yourself in javascript, java etc.
  • Some basic questions on DB design, as I told I don’t have much of an experience in that area.

Round 5 (HackerRank Coding round):

  • Design a command line which can operation various commands over a file system like: mkdir, touch, cd, cd.., ls etc.

I felt, Interviewers are mostly looking for how clearly you think about the problem, ask right questions and break it into smaller problems. As everyone knows, there is no right answer, there can only be a relatively better approach.

All the Best!

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