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Salesforce Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2023
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I have recently given an interview at Salesforce for an intern role. Starting first with the online coding round. Three questions, based on DSA and problem-solving skills, were to be completed in 100 minutes. Talking about interviews, It was conducted in two rounds. The first one is the technical round, another being the HR round. And, CS fundamental was something you must go through before appearing for interviews.

I. Coding Round

  • Three questions in 100 mins
  • Remove the minimum amount of elements from a sequence such that the product of all integers in the resulting sequence become congruent to 1 mod n.
  • To calculate the minimum jumps in which the rabbit can reach the end. The path consisted of alphabets and ‘#’. You need to jump if there’s a ‘#’.
  • To find out who wins the game based on certain situations.

II. Interview Round-I

  • There were two interviewers in the meeting.
  • One asked me questions based on my resume and another one asked me DSA questions.
  • The DSA questions were based on strings and graphs. The question related to the string was to find the longest substring without repeating characters. And the question based on the graph was to reach from the first row first column to the last row last column in the minimum number of steps.
  • The other interviewer asked me questions related to OOPs and asked me to give real-life examples of every concept he asked me.
  • Also, he asked me questions related to my development domain. He further asked me to explain my project.
  • He also asked questions related to DBMS and OS.

III. Interview Round-II

  • Within 15-20 minutes, I got a call for my next interview.
  • This time there was only one interviewer in the google meet.
  • He asked me to give a brief about my resume.
  • He asked me a few questions on CS fundamentals, current tech stacks, questions related to my branch of engineering, and also questions related to my development domain.

All the best, if you are going to appear for your interviews soon.

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