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Salesforce Interview Experience for AMTS (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2021

Salesforce came to our college to hire for Associate Member of Technical Staff role. The process was open to only Computer Science students with an aggregate CGPA > 7.0. The entire interview process was conducted on campus.

Online Test: The test was hosted on HackerRank. The test consisted of 15 MCQs from OS, DBMS, OOPS, DS, Algo and two coding questions. The coding questions were as follows:-

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  1. Three strings A, B, C are given. Check whether C contains all the characters of A and B and also in the same sequence as present in A and B.
  2. A 2D matrix of numbers is given as input. A person starts from the top-most left cell. He can only move either to the right cell or to the cell below it. The move can only be performed only if the value in the next cell is either one more or one less than the current cell’s value. Return the maximum length of the path the man can travel.

After the online test 12 students were shortlisted for the interview rounds.

Interview Round 1:

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Discussion about my projects
  • Some behavioral questions
  • Design any mobile application
    • I chose to design whatsapp
    • Initially, I started discussing about the featueres that should be implemented
    • Gave a solution in which message can be sent only to individual users, not to groups
    • Knowledge of Sockets should be there to design this service of message passing
    • Then, the problem was made complex by increasing the number of users to an extremely large number
    • Answered the problem by increasing the number of servers and using load balancers to head the request to the least loaded server. Also told that distributed database should be implemented and data can be stored in different data centres by keeping locality of the user in mind
  • Design snakes and ladder
    • Data Structure : Linked List
    • Every node has two pointers: next and jump.
    • If node->next doesn’t contain a ladder or snake then node->jump = node->next->next
    • else node->jump = NULL
  • How many minimum number of jumps are required to reach the end of the snakes and ladder game?
    • Answered using Dynamic Programming

Interview Round 2:

  • Discussion on projects
  • Given a palindromic number. Give the smallest palindromic number greater than the given number by using only two swaps.
  • Design an auto-correct system.
    • First approach : Assumed that the length of correct word can differ the correct word only upto a particular threshold. Stored all the correct words in the sorted manner where sorting is done according to length of words. Then all the words whose length falls in the assumed window can be fetched and score can be given to each word according to <a href=””>edit distance </a> .
    • Build a suffix trie and prefix trie. Traverse over the trie upto the node that can be reached by the given word in both tries and from that node perform bfs to find nearest correct word. Perform  <a href=””>edit distance </a>on the two words got from the trees and return word with least score.
  • Design the conflict resolving property of Maven
    • The nodes in the dependency tree can be arranged in topological order
    • Wrote code for topological sort
  • Indexing in DBMS
  • n racers are present in the race track. Two arrays X[] and V[] are provided where X[i] and V[i] denote the starting position and speed of the ith racer. If a racer collides with another one, then both of them move together with the speed of the slower. Likewise groups of racers are combined to form a single group. Tell the number of groups that will reach the end of the race track. Answered using disjoint set union.

Interview Round 3: This was short interview.

  • In-depth discussion on projects
  • Some behavioral


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