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Router Configuration With Cisco Packet Tracer

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In this network, a router and 2 PCs are used. Computers are connected with routers using a copper straight-through cable. After forming the network, to check network connectivity a simple PDU is transferred from PC0 to PC1. The network simulation status is successful. From this network, it can be observed that the router handles data transfers between multiple devices.  


Step-1(Configuring Router1):

  1. Select the router and Open CLI.
  2. Press ENTER to start configuring Router1.
  3. Type enable to activate the privileged mode.
  4. Type config t(configure terminal) to access the configuration menu.
  5. Configure interfaces of Router1:

• Type interface FastEthernet0/0 to access FastEthernet0/0 and Configure the FastEthernet0/0 interface with the IP address and Subnet mask

• Type interface FastEthernet0/1 to access GigabitEthernet0/0 and Configure the FastEthernet0/1 interface with IP address and Subnet mask

      6. Type no shutdown to finish.

Router1 Command Line Interface:


Router#config t

Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

Router(config)#interface FastEthernet0/0

Router(config-if)#ip address

Router(config-if)#no shutdown


%LINK-5-CHANGED: Interface GigabitEthernet0/0, changed state to up

Router(config-if)#interface FastEthernet0/1

Router(config-if)#ip address

Router(config-if)#no shutdown

Step-2(Configuring PCs):

  1. Assign IP Addresses to every PC in the network.
  2. Select the PC, Go to the desktop and select IP Configuration and assign an IP address, Default gateway, Subnet Mask
  3. Assign the default gateway of PC0 as
  4. Assign the default gateway of PC1 as

Step-3(Connecting PCs with Router):

  1. Connect FastEthernet0 port of PC0 with FastEthernet0/0 port of Router1 using a copper straight-through cable.
  2. Connect FastEthernet0 port of PC1 with FastEthernet0/1 port of Router1 using a copper straight-through cable.

Router Configuration Table:

Device NameIP address FastEthernet0/0Subnet MaskIP Address FastEthernet0/1Subnet Mask

PC Configuration Table:

Device NameIP address Subnet MaskGateway
      PC 0192.168.10.2255.255.255.0192.168.10.1
      PC 1192.168.20.2255.255.255.0192.168.20.1

Designed Network topology:

Simulation of Designed Network Topology:

Sending a PDU From PC0 to PC1:

Acknowledgment From PC1 to PC0:

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Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2021
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