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10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Last Updated : 30 Apr, 2024
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Ever been hesitant to answer calls from unfamiliar numbers, fearing scams? You are not the only person facing that. But what if hanging up on those calls might mean missing out on golden opportunities, potential customers, or crucial information? Luckily, the innovation of free reverse phone lookup technology offers a solution.

Gone are the days of uncertainty when an unfamiliar number pops up on your screen. Reverse phone lookup tools empower you to unveil precise details about the caller, including their name, address, and background information.


Finding a dependable and affordable alternative is vital given the abundance of possibilities available. To save you the hassle of trial and error, we’ve sifted through numerous options to present you with a curated selection of the finest reverse phone lookup sites. Discover each platform’s pros, cons, standout features, key specifications, and website links, making your decision-making process a breeze.

What is Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Reverse phone number lookup is the practice of using an online service or database to discover details about a person or business based solely on their phone number. To find a phone number related with a name or company, you enter it into a standard phone number lookup. With reverse phone number lookup, however, you begin with a phone number and seek to learn information about the person or thing connected to that number.

Possible Information Retrieval:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Information
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Public Records

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Coco Finder

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10 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Here are the listed 10 best free reverse phone number lookup tools:

1. Searqle

Searqle has been gaining popularity as an innovative tool specially designed to identify the person behind unknown phone numbers. Not only name, but it even shows you person’s criminal record. Presently, Searqle’s people search engine gathers data from all the public records that are available online and presents you with the real identity of a person. All you have to do is enter the unknown phone number, and it will quickly show you the results. It is fast and has an easy-to-use interface

Searqle-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

What to expect?

  • Name
  • Address
  • Online profiles 
  • Emails
  • Felonies 
  • Weapons and arrest records


  • Lets you reconnect with lost contacts or identify unknown callers
  • It has access to comprehensive 1.3 Billion Records
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Instant response
  • Ensures 100% search security


  • No installation is required on your smartphone
  • Information revealed in just three steps
  • Presents results in a few seconds
  • Protected by CLOUDFLARE


The free trial is not available


  • The pricing plans start from $24.9/month. But it also offers a three-day trial for $1.

2. Intelius

When curiosity strikes, Intelius has your back. As a premier reverse phone lookup website, Intelius excels in revealing the mystery behind those unknown numbers. With access to comprehensive databases sourced from reliable outlets, Intelius swiftly unveils the identity behind the digits.

Intelius-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

What to Expect:

  • Names, addresses, and ages
  • Possible relatives
  • Phone type and carrier


  • Anonymous searches for subscribers
  • Unlimited queries for paying users
  • Lightning-fast results
  • Compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)


  • Speedy processing of queries
  • Detailed reports on unknown callers
  • Ironclad privacy and security
  • Background searches without limits


  • Limited to the United States
  • Free service lacks full name and address


  • Starting at just $34.95 per month with a pocket-friendly 6-day trial at $0.95.

3. PhoneNumberLookupFree

Looking for a cutting-edge, user-friendly reverse phone lookup service? Meet PhoneNumberLookupFree, your trusty companion in unveiling caller details without compromising your privacy, which is one of the best free reverse phone lookup tool.

PhoneNumber-Lookup-Free-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

What to Expect:

  • Names, contact info, addresses
  • Essential and financial records


  • Lightning-fast searches
  • Simplicity at its best
  • Detailed area code information


  • Intuitive and clean user interface
  • Access to extensive legal public records
  • Swift and seamless search process
  • Positive online reviews


  • May present excess information you don’t need


  • It is completely free to use for any user.

4. Truecaller

Truecaller simplifies caller identification like never before. You can unveil the mystery behind incoming calls with just a phone number within seconds. The process is effortless – no need to jump through hoops. While the desktop site demands a quick registration, the mobile version takes it up a notch by instantly displaying caller names without any hassle.


Say goodbye to robocalls, telemarketers, and scammers, as Truecaller’s robust filters keep them at bay. Seamlessly manage your messages with Truecaller’s intelligent SMS and organized spam-inbox features, ensuring your communication is both efficient and secure.


  • Instant caller ID display for quick recognition.
  • Intelligent dialer and smart SMS capabilities for enhanced management.
  • Call announcements for hands-free convenience.
  • Schedule ghost calls effortlessly.
  • Get insights into who’s viewed your profile.


  • Swift caller ID display.
  • Unveils private numbers for added convenience.
  • Shields against bothersome robocalls.
  • Efficiently identifies and filters spam calls and messages.


  • Variable performance across locations.
  • Requires a strong internet connection on mobile phones.


  • Free lifetime basic plan.
  • The premium plan starts at $10.99 per month with yearly payment discounts.

5. Spokeo

Spokeo is a versatile platform that goes beyond caller identification. Harnessing the power of phone numbers and names empowers you to find people easily. Spokeo isn’t just about phone numbers – it’s a tool for reconnecting with family, friends, and business partners.

Spokeo-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

What to Expect:

  • Person’s wealth profile
  • Personal details like birthdates and marriage anniversaries. 


  • Free quick search for reverse cell phone lookup.
  • Speedy data retrieval in seconds.
  • Enterprise package tailored for business management.
  • Real-time updates on data changes.


  • Lightning-fast search processing.
  • Offers comprehensive insights into unknown numbers.
  • Unlimited searches with a premium membership.
  • Ensures top-notch security and privacy.


  • Limited availability within the United States.
  • Free search lacks comprehensive number details.


  • Basic search results are complimentary.
  • Plans start at $0.95 for a 7-day trial.

6. Coco Finder

“Who called me from this phone number?” That’s a puzzle Coco Finder solves in seconds. This reverse phone lookup champ swiftly reveals more than you need, leaving no blind spots. Moreover, Coco Finder’s high-speed servers and cutting-edge tech ensure rapid results. Convenience and reliability meet in this user-friendly interface. Your hunt for the best reverse phone lookup site ends here.

Cocofinder-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

What to Expect:

  • Caller’s name, address, email
  • Their social media profiles. 
  • With the Background Check feature – licenses, criminal records, employment history, and addresses. 


  • Inmate, obituaries, and mugshots search
  • Simple, reliable user interface
  • Lightning-fast connection to caller’s info


  • Advanced filters for precise searches
  • Lightning-speed processing
  • Fortified privacy and security


  • Limited to the US
  • Not entirely free as advertised


  • Plans kick off at just $1 for a 7-day trial.

7. NumLooker

Enter NumLooker, the master of revealing hidden callers. With no sign-ups needed, it’s a no-fuss solution to your caller ID puzzle. Just type the number, click, and NumLooker scans its vast database. It’s like having your personal Sherlock Holmes at your fingertips.

NumLooker-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

What to Expect:

  • Full names and professional details like educational background, and work history 
  • Relatives details
  • Criminal records


  • Instant results on the go
  • Effortless as a Google search
  • No sign-up required


  • Absolutely free
  • No app hassle
  • Handles any number type
  • Trustworthy search results
  • Airtight security


  • Occasional customer care delays


  • Absolutely free

8. Spytox

Spytox is your simple and top-notch free reverse phone lookup site. Say goodbye to the frustration of unknown numbers with Spytox’s quick and cost-free service. It’s your one-stop destination for basic information about that mysterious caller.

Spytox-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup


  • Robust Databank at Your Fingertips
  • Easy Access to Background Check Tools
  • Instant Results for Recent Searches
  • Manage Your Searchable Information Effortlessly


  • Score Tons of Info for Free
  • Lightning-Fast Search Processing (Within a Minute!)
  • User-Friendly Experience


  • Limited to USA Numbers Only


  • Free trial period for limited number of days.
  • Premium Plans Start at $19.99 per Month.

9. Zabasearch

Meet Zabasearch, your trusted ally for discovering the truth behind those elusive numbers—no credit card fuss—just free and direct access to essential details.

Zabasearch-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup


  • Built-in People Search Feature, Totally Free
  • Keep Up with Trending Searches
  • Control Your Personal Records Visibility
  • Wipe Out Personal Info Whenever You Want


  • Enjoy Complete Caller ID Insights, Absolutely Free
  • Speedy Queries at Your Service
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Narrow Down Your Search by City and State


  • Limited to US Numbers


  • Experience Unlimited Basic Access with a Free Trial.
  • Go Premium Starting at $24.86 per Month.

10. Whitepages

Whitepages—the ultimate reverse phone lookup tool. Delve deep into the caller’s world with detailed reports covering scam ratings, criminal records, and more.

Whitepages-10 Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup


  • Built-in Supportive Background Check Tools
  • Track Down Maiden Names and Property Records
  • Stay in the Know with Recent Searches
  • Tenant Checks and Yellow Pages Support


  • Blazing-Fast Processing
  • Comprehensive Caller ID Reports
  • No-Nonsense Interface


  • International Numbers? Nope, Only US Numbers
  • Free Search Offers Limited Info


  • Get Started with Premium Plans from $4.99 for 20 Premium Searches.


Embrace your inner amateur detective, regain your privacy, and experience enhanced peace of mind by employing a free reverse phone/cell phone lookup for a preliminary trial before committing to a paid single report or a monthly subscription.

Remember, knowledge is power, and with reverse phone lookup, you hold the key. Don’t just let calls ring; let them ring in a new era of security and opportunities!

FAQs on Best Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

1. Is It Possible to Identify the Caller’s Identity?

Certainly, you can determine the identity of the person calling you. Utilize any of our recommended free or paid reverse phone lookup services to input the individual’s complete name, address, or phone number. This will grant you a limited preview of the information. You can opt for a one-time, flat fee for a single report or choose a monthly subscription with unrestricted searches.

2. Are There Other Cost-Free Phone Number Lookup Services?

Apart from reverse phone lookup platforms and apps designed to block spam calls like TrueCaller and RoboKiller, several no-cost alternatives exist, notably Google, White Pages, and Yellow Pages.

3. Who called me from this phone number free?

To identify the caller of a phone number for free, you can use online reverse phone lookup services or apps. They provide information about the caller’s identity when available.

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