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Python | Segregate Positive and Negative Integers from mixed string

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  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020

Sometimes, while working with Python strings of data, we can have a problem in which we need to separate positive and negative integers in a string. This can occur in many domains that include data handling. Lets discuss certain way in which we can solve this problem.

Method : Using regex
This problem can be solved using appropriate regex. In this, we match the matching regex with string and separate the positive integers and negative integers from the string.

# Python3 code to demonstrate working of 
# Segregate Positive and Negative Integers
# Using regex
import re
# initializing string
test_str = "gfg + 4-1is + 5best-8"
# printing original string
print("The original string is : " + test_str)
# Segregate Positive and Negative Integers
# Using regex
res = re.findall('[-+]?\d+', test_str)
# printing result 
print("The split string is : " + str(res)) 

Output :

The original string is : gfg+4-1is+5best-8
The split string is : ['+4', '-1', '+5', '-8']

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