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Python program to find the first day of given year

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2019

Given a year as input, write a Python to find the starting day of the given year. We will use Python datetime library in order to solve this problem.


Input : 2010
Output :Friday

Input :2019
Output :Tuesday

Below is the implementation:

# Python program to find the first day of given year
# import datetime library
import datetime
def Startingday(year):
    # Creating an object for 1st January of that particular year
    # For that we are passing three argument (1) year (2) month
    # i.e 1 for january (3) date i.e 1 for starting day of 
    # that particular year
    a = datetime.datetime(year, 1, 1)
    # for printing Startingday of a particular year 
    # we are using a.strftime("% A")
    print("Starting day of year ", year, " is ", a.strftime("%A"))
# Driver Code
year = 2010
Starting day of year  2010  is  Friday

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