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Python IMDbPY – Default info of Person object

  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020

In this article we will see how we can achieve the set of information which retrieved by default by get_person method, with the help of get_person_infoset we can know all the information that we can achieve of the person. But all the information is not extracted as it will be time consuming process.

In order to know the default information that a movie object extracts we will use default_info method.

Syntax : person.default_info

Here movie is imdb Person object

Argument : It takes no argument

Return : It return list

Below is the implementation

# importing the module
import imdb
# creating instance of IMDb
ia = imdb.IMDb()
# ID
code = "2690647"
# searching the Id
person = ia.get_person(code)
# getting default info
info = person.default_info
# printing name
# printing the info

Output :

Pankaj Tripathi
('main', 'filmography', 'biography')

Another example

# importing movie
from imdb.Person import Person
# getting default info
info = Person.default_info
# printing the info

Output :

('main', 'filmography', 'biography')

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