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Python IMDbPY – Person info set

  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2020

IMDb data base have every information of the person i.e person having what awards, biography etc but in order to retrieve them problem occur as there will be lots of web pages which can be both time-and bandwidth-consuming, especially if you’re interested in only a small part of the information.

If we want to fetch only specific information we can fetch it by passing an optional information parameter to the get_person method. In order to get information set of IMDb Person data set we will use get_person_infoset method.

Syntax : imdb_object.get_person_infoset()

Argument : It takes no argument.

Return : It return list.

Below is the implementation

# importing the module
import imdb
# creating instance of IMDb
ia = imdb.IMDb()
# getting the person info set of data base
info = ia.get_person_infoset()
# printing the list 
for element in info:

Output :

genres links
keywords links
official sites
other works

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