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Python | Download YouTube videos using youtube_dl module

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Each and every day, you must be watching some video or another on YouTube which may be related to Music, Movies, Studies, Research, Leisure etc. You might want to store some video for future use where it will be required due to lack of internet or saving data or any other reason. What if we tell you that you can do this exact very thing using Python. Let’s see how to download Youtube videos using youtube_dl module in Python. Install the module with this command –
pip install youtube_dl
Now, suppose you are watching this video on YouTube. Sample Video Below is the Python code –
# importing module
import youtube_dl
ydl_opts = {}
def dwl_vid():
    with youtube_dl.YoutubeDL(ydl_opts) as ydl:[zxt])
channel = 1
while (channel == int(1)):
    link_of_the_video = input("Copy & paste the URL of the YouTube video you want to download:- ")
    zxt = link_of_the_video.strip()
    channel = int(input("Enter 1 if you want to download more videos \nEnter 0 if you are done "))

Output: Entering URL Coding Process And it’s done. The video you want gets downloaded in the Python folder. Folder

Last Updated : 26 May, 2019
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