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Proxy Server

Last Updated : 04 Jun, 2020
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Prerequisite – Types of Servers
If you go to your computers internet settings, then you will find the options of Proxy and Proxy Servers, and you can set it.

What is Proxy ?
Proxy is type of a tool or application or program or system, which helps to protect the information of its users and computers. It acts as a barrier between computer and internet user. One can go to any site and search or request anything on the internet. Due to this barrier the site you are using cannot see your information. Thus, hiding IP address and protecting your privacy.

Suppose, you are using your computer and IP address for the same is 1.9.5 and then you have proxy and internet server. When you type any site and request for it, the internet servers takes you to that site and give access to it. When you are surfing on the internet and requesting for something then with that request your IP address goes to the proxy.

How proxy server helps to protect the information ?
Now, proxy server will hide your original IP address and generates public IP address for your privacy. As soon as the public IP is generated, the request goes to internet. Internet servers will not know which user has requested for it. Thus, protecting your identity.

When request will be accepted, it goes back to proxy. Now, proxy knows the original IP address so, it will change the public IP address into the original IP address of the user and gives it back to the user. Thus, viewing the requested site.

Proxy servers are already pre-installed in Windows in a type of program or a application. It is automatically saved in the settings section. You can also make customs that for which site you want to use proxy.

Suppose, in a companies, you connect 20-30 computers with 1 proxy, then it is a different system, a full-fleged hardware to use over there.

Advantages of Proxy Server :

  • Hides IP address
  • Load times might be reduced
  • Used in bypassing the blocked websites
  • Used for speeding up the system as it is a good cache system

Disadvantages of Proxy Server :

  • As it is a good cache system, then sometimes your passwords or browser websites can easily be seen by proxy servers providers.
  • Using the technique of TLS and SSL, your data and information can be leaked.

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