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PostgreSQL – Removing Temporary Table

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In PostgreSQL, one can drop a temporary table by the use of the DROP TABLE statement.

Syntax: DROP TABLE temp_table_name;

Unlike the CREATE TABLE statement, the DROP TABLE statement does not have the TEMP or TEMPORARY keyword created specifically for temporary tables. To demonstrate the process of dropping a temporary table let’s first create one by following the below instructions.
First, we create a sample database(say, test) to add a temporary table using the below statement:


After creating the database we switch into it using the following command:

\c test;

Now we add a temporary table (say, mytemp) to the test database as below:


Verify if the table has been created using the below statement:

SELECT * FROM mytemp;

It should show you the below table:

Now that our temporary table is created we remove it in the below example.

We use the DROP TABLE statement inside the database test as follows to drop the temporary table:

DROP TABLE mytemp;

Now we verify if the table has been removed successfully using the below statement:

SELECT * FROM mytemp;


The above-shown error raised by PostgreSQL shows that the mytemp table doesn’t exist anymore.

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Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020
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