PHP | Imagick cycleColormapImage( ) Function

The Imagick::cycleColormapImage() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to displace the colormap (It is a m × 3 matrix containing real numbers between 0.0 and 1.0. Each row of the matrix is an RGB vector that defines one color.) of the image by a given number of positions. If you cycle the colormap number of times then it can produce a psychedelic effect.


bool Imagick::cycleColormapImage( $displace )

Parameters: This function accepts single parameter $displace which holds the amount to displace the colormap (in integer).

Return Value: This function returns true on success.

Below program illustrates the Imagick::cycleColormapImage() function in PHP:






// Declare an Imagick object
$image = new Imagick(
// Use Imagick::cycleColormapImage() function
$image->cycleColormapImage (8);
header("Content-Type: image/jpg"); 
// Display the output image
echo $image->getImageBlob();




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