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PHP atan2( ) Function

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The atan2() function is a builtin function in PHP and is used to calculate the arc tangent of two variables x and y passed to it as arguments. The function returns the result in radians, which is between -Pi and Pi (inclusive). Syntax:
float atan2($y, $x)
Parameters: This function accepts two parameters and are described below:
  1. $y: This parameter specifies the dividend.
  2. $x: This parameter specifies the divisor.
Return Value: It returns a float value which is the arc tangent of y/x in radians. Examples:
Input : atan2(0.50, 0.50)
Output : 0.78539816339745

Input : atan2(-0.50, -0.50)
Output : -2.3561944901923

Input : atan2(5, 5) 
Output : 0.78539816339745

Input : atan2(10, 20) 
Output : 0.46364760900081
Below programs, taking different values of the parameters are used to illustrate the atan2() function in PHP:
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