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Persistent Systems Interview – Round I and II (On Campus)

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Round 1:

Round 1 was the MCQ + Coding + Essay Writing.

In the MCQ’s, there were 60 questions. These questions were very tricky and tough. I must say that you must prepare and should be thorough with conceptual questions from Data Structure, Software Engineering, Database Management System, Operating System and Networking.

There was only 2 MCQ for aptitude (One was of Men-work-hour question), 3-4 MCQ of English ( Paragraphs and its inference were given, needed to pick the correct one)  Then the rest were from the subjects mentioned above. Some MCQ’s were theoretical and some of them were also True and False. So you should be clear with the definition and function of each topic.

The coding part was also moderately difficult. The main reason was because it had to be done in C language only. There was no compiler for it. We needed to write the code like in Notepad Editor. I remember some of the questions asked and here it is:

  1. Make a structure for banking customer which includes all the essential information like Name, Account no., Balance.
  2. Dynamically read a string and sort it using bubble sort
  3. Write a C program to replace a word in a text by another given word
  4. Write a program to remove spaces from a File and store the contents without space in a new file.

Then there was Essay writing. Some of the topics were:

  1. What are the problems being faced in India.
  2. How will you spend your vacations?


Round 2:

Some students were selected for direct interview, but their package was low. Others were selected for next round, which was of Advance Coding Test. Here, one competitive question was asked and a good compiler was given. We could write the code in Python, C, Java, and one more which I dont remember now.

The question was of shortest path from starting point to a given point in a N*N matrix.

I hope you got all my points and came to know about Persistent System Tests.
All the best 🙂 Prepare well .

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Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2018
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