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Perl | Math::BigInt->bnan() method

  • Last Updated : 03 Oct, 2019

Math::BigInt module in Perl provides objects that represent integers with arbitrary precision and overloaded arithmetical operators.

bnan() method of Math::BigInt module is used to create a new object with value NAN and if used on an existing object, it converts it to NAN.

Syntax: Math::BigInt->bnan()

Parameter: No Parameter

Returns: NAN(Not A Number)

Example 1:

# Import Math::BigInt module 
use Math::BigInt; 
# Specify number 
$num = 78215936043546; 
# Create BigInt object 
$x = Math::BigInt->new($num); 
# Object before function call
print("Before function call: $x\n"); 
# Calling the function
# Object after function call
print("After function call: $x");
Before function call: 78215936043546
After function call: NaN

Example 2:

# Import Math::BigInt module 
use Math::BigInt; 
# Create a BigInt object 
$x = Math::BigInt->bnan();
# Object created with bnan()
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