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  • Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2020

Patent is an official document giving it’s owner sole right to make, use or sell the invention and preventing others from using it or copying it.It is an invention that is legally protected.

Types of Patent:

  1. Utility Patent –
    It is a patent which applies to the creation of a new or improved product or process. Example:-Nail cutter, washing machine, process of making steel etc.
  2. Design Patent –
    It is a patent which applies to the shape of any material, the shape must be new and original.Design Patent is given for the aesthetic of material not for utility.Example:-cut of a dress, shape of an automobile etc.
  3. Plant Patent –
    It is a patent which is given to the new variety of plants that are asexually reproduced. A plant is asexually reproduced if it is reproduced by a method such as cutting or grafting instead of using seeds.Example:- A golden color flower created through grafting.

Criteria for Patent:

  • Novelty –
    This means inventions should be new and original and not disclosed to the public before filling the application date.
  • Usefulness –
    This means that invention must be useful and industrially must serve some Useful Purpose and help the society.
  • Inventiveness –
    This means that invention could not be created by applying previous knowledge and concepts .It should not be obvious and lacking creativity.It must be an inventive solution.

Advantages of Patent:

  1. It gives you a right to prevent imitating, manufacturing or selling of your invention without your consent.
  2. It provides a legal protection to the invention.
  3. It gives you a way of generating income through licensing.
  4. It encourages new invention and promotes growth in the society.
  5. It gives credits to the owner of invention and higher return of investment.

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