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Password Matching using JavaScript

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Given two boxes i.e. password and confirm password. The task is to check the entered password is matched or not. It is used in online application form or social sites to signup account to verify the entered password by user is correct or not. It is the simple method to verify the password matches. First password is stored into a password1 variable and confirm password is stored in password2 variable. Then check if both variable value is equal then password match otherwise password does not match. Below is the implementation of above approach:
<!DOCTYPE html>
            // Function to check Whether both passwords
            // is same or not.
            function checkPassword(form) {
                password1 = form.password1.value;
                password2 = form.password2.value;
                // If password not entered
                if (password1 == '')
                    alert ("Please enter Password");
                // If confirm password not entered
                else if (password2 == '')
                    alert ("Please enter confirm password");
                // If Not same return False.    
                else if (password1 != password2) {
                    alert ("\nPassword did not match: Please try again...")
                    return false;
                // If same return True.
                    alert("Password Match: Welcome to GeeksforGeeks!")
                    return true;
            .gfg {
            .geeks {
        <div class = "gfg">GeeksforGeeks</div>
        <div class = "geeks">A computer science portal for geeks</div>
        <form onSubmit = "return checkPassword(this)">
        <table border = 1 align = "center">
                <!-- Enter Username -->
                <td><input type = text name = name size = 25</td>
                <!-- Enter Password. -->
                <td><input type = password name = password1 size = 25</td>
                <!-- To Confirm Password. -->
                <td>Confirm Password:</td>
                <td><input type = password name = password2 size = 25></td>
                <td colspan = 2 align = right>
                <input type = submit value = "Submit"></td>

Output: password match

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2018
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