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p5.js | saveCanvas() Function

  • Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2020
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The saveCanvas() function is used to save a p5.Table object to a file. The format of the file saved can be defined as a parameter to the function. It saves a text file with comma-separated-values by default, however, it can be used to save it using-tab separated-values or generate an HTML table from it.


saveCanvas(selectedCanvas, filename, extension)
saveCanvas(filename, extension)

Parameters: This function accepts three parameter as mentioned above and described below.

  • selectedCanvas: This is a p5.Table object that would be saved to the file.
  • filename: It specifies the string that is used as the filename of the saved file. It is an optional parameter.
  • extension: It is a string which denotes the extension of the file to be saved. It is an optional parameter.

Below example illustrates the saveCanvas() function in p5.js:


function preload() {
  img = loadImage('sample-image.png');
function setup() {
  createCanvas(600, 300);
  text("Click on the button to save the"+
       " current canvas to file", 20, 40);
  image(img, 30, 60);
  // Create a button for saving the canvas
  removeBtn = createButton("Save Canvas");
  removeBtn.position(30, 200)
function saveToFile() {
  // Save the current canvas to file as png
  saveCanvas('mycanvas', 'png')



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