p5.js | min() function

The min() function in p5.js is used to get the minimum value from the sequence of numbers.


min(a, b)



Parameters: The min(a, b) function accepts two parameters which are two different number and compared to get minimum value among them. The min(arr) function accepts a single parameter array.

Return Value: It returns the minimum value among the different numbers.

Below program illustrates the min() function in p5.js:

Example: This example uses min() function to get the minimum value.





function setup() { 
    // Create Canvas of size 270*80 
    createCanvas(350, 130); 
function draw() { 
    // Set the background color 
    // Call to min() function 
    let u = min(1, 3);
    let v = min(1, 1);
    let w = min(5, 9);
    let x = min(2, 3.9);
    let y = min(1.5, 3.2);
    // Set the size of text 
    // Set the text color 
    // Getting minimum value    
    text("Minimum value between (1, 3) is: " + u, 50, 30);
    text("Minimum value between (1, 1) is: " + v, 50, 50);
    text("Minimum value between (5, 9) is: " + w, 50, 70);
    text("Minimum value between (2, 3.9) is: " + x, 50, 90);
    text("Minimum value between (1.5, 3.2) is: " + y, 50, 110);     



Reference: https://p5js.org/reference/#/p5/min

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