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OYO Room Interview Experience | SDE-1
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2020

Recently, I was interviewed for an on-site role in OYO Rooms. Finally, I got selected for a Summer Long Internship role.

The interview experience was quite comfortable and smooth. The company mostly conducts 1 online coding round and 2–3 back to back PI rounds and all of them mainly focus on technical aspects.

Things like DSA, Database management System, Operating System, System Design are covered in the interview.

I had 1 Online coding Round and 3 PI rounds.

The questions asked were:

Online Round (Optimal Algorithm is expected):

  1. Minimum number of jumps to reach the end.
  2. Generate Binary Numbers from 1 to n.

Round 1 PI:

  1. SQL query to extract a record of the employee with the third largest salary.
  2. Water Tapping Problem.

Round 2 PI:

  1. Reverse a Single Linked List.
  2. What is a singleton class?
  3. Concepts related to Peterson Algorithm( Operating System)
  4. If for a particular input, a value is calculated again and again at the server-side by different users which takes a considerably large amount of time to calculate. How can we make the server more efficient so as to reduce the duplicate value calculation?
  5. Print left view of a binary tree.

Round 3 PI:

  1. Find a pair of elements swapping which makes the sum of two arrays same.
  2. Find All Duplicate Subtrees.
  3. Topological Sort.

In nutshell, you should put in enough time and energy to make yourself familiar with the type of questions asked in the OYO Interviews.

Try not to get nervous inside the interview room. Also, the interviewer is more interested in the approach you follow while solving the question rather than just reaching the final answer, so you should go step by step explaining each to the interviewer.

Thanks and Best of Luck!

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