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Overview of NoOps

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Prerequisite : DevOps

Now, the time is like that when almost all IT industries are implementing automation for IT delivery excellence and to create a win-win situation for their organization. Initially when only DevOps came into the market, IT industries got a new approach of developing, deploying and delivering IT services. Development and Operation were in two hands and early IT trend shows it also got a good technology adoption. But when Automation gave a new hope of fully automated operations then the concept of NoOps (No Operation) evolved.

Even NoOps is going to completely change the operation of IT industries. Even it created a situation to think that is it the dead of DevOps. But in reality NoOps is not the end of DevOps or also NoOps is not going to replace DevOps rather NoOps refers to beginning of new innovation with DevOps. In this article we will get to know more about this NoOps. So let’s start.

NoOps :

NoOps or No Operations is a new concept in IT industry which refers to the no hands on operation in IT industry with the help of automation. Automation will be used to streamline the IT operations by creating fully automated environment. But we have to remember this NoOps not refers to a single technology or single platform rather requires multiple technologies to automate everything. That may be cloud or IoT or may be AI/ML or anything else. But for sure we can say the two main drivers are Cloud Computing and IT automation behind this new NoOps concept.

While in DevOps Development and Operations work together here in real NoOps there is no need of interaction between development and operations to get their jobs done.

Real facts of NoOps :

  • Developers do not have to interact with operation professionals.
  • Development in the cloud.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • No dependency on hardware or software resource.
  • Automated build, fetch and deployment.
  • Automated sharing and automated test generation.
  • Automated testing, config and many more.

Advantages :

  1. More business oriented focus.
  2. Time saving and cost-cutting.
  3. Faster development and deployment process.

Disadvantages :

  1. Not all IT industries can implement NoOps easily because many industries require massive upgrade for this.
  2. NoOps is not a solution for all problems during production.
  3. Limited monitoring capability may be an issue.
  4. It has to struggle in hybrid environments.

Future of NoOps :

NoOps along with DevOps will bring new innovations to the IT industries as well as it will play an very important roles for startups to come into the IT market and catch faster revenues.

Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2021
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