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Nokia Interview Experience for R&D Engineer at Nokia MN | Off-Campus 2020 (1 year Experienced)

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I was referred by an employee in Nokia for a role. I received a call from HR within 2 days of applying. Three interviews were conducted in total within a week. 

Round 1: This was the technical round taken by two senior engineers.

  • Started with memory layout of C program, explain in details every section of memory block.
  • Difference between global and static variable. Dived deep into static variables.
  • Static functions, why are they used, difference between static variable and function.
  • Asked about pointers. Const pointers, void pointers, function pointer.
  • Moved on to oops. Inheritance, polymorphism both run time and compile time, usage of both.
  • One Coding question, how to remove a Node on Linked List ( ).
  • At last, tell me about a project from your resume and explain the algorithm in detail used in it.

Round 2: This was the management round taken by the Manager.

No technical question was asked in this. This round was filled with behavioral and management questions. for example, what would you do if you have argument with your manager? What if you couldn’t complete task on deadline. What will you do if you are told to develop a feature but you know it is not a good feature. And many more.

Round 3: The HR round.

Basic HR questions like, why want to change? Why Nokia? Expected CTC? Willing to relocate? Where do you see yourself in 3 years from now?

All interviews were done within a week. I aced all interviews but wasn’t selected, they didn’t even gave feedback  I think my expected salary was too high according to what they offer at NOKIA. Anyways interviews were pretty easy if you have good programming knowledge, it doesn’t need to be competitive coding, they focus on basics.

Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2020
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