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Node | URL.resolve(from,to) API
  • Last Updated : 23 May, 2019

The url.resolve(from, to) is inbuilt method of class URL that resolves a target URL relative to a base URL.


url.resolve(from, to);

  • from: (type:String) The base URL being resolved against.
  • to : (type:String) The “href” URL being resolved.

Return value:

It returns the resolved URL by given parameters in from URL by to URL(type:string).

Parsing of Target URL:

1. Preceded by forward slash(“/”) – It will replace whole path after domain of base URL.
2. Not preceded by forward slash(“/”) – It will replace last word after forward slash(“/”) in path of base URL.


// node program to demonstrate the  
// url.resolve(from, to) method  
//importing the module 'url' 
const url = require('url'); 
//We can directly console.log() return value of the method
//Method 1:
console.log(url.resolve("", "/one"));                  
console.log(url.resolve("", "/four"));    
//Method 2:
console.log(url.resolve("", "one"));                  
console.log(url.resolve("", "four"));    


This code can run with node command in command prompt.(Eg. node file name)


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