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Node.js | path.normalize() Method
  • Last Updated : 28 Jan, 2020
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The path.normalize() method is used to normalize the given path. Normalization resolves the (.) and (..) segments of the path to their correct form. If the method encounters multiple path separators, it replaces all of them by a single platform-specific path separator. This method preserves all trailing separators.


path.normalize( path )

Parameters: This method accepts single parameter path which holds the file path that would be normalized. A TypeError is thrown if this parameter is not a string.

Return Value: It returns a string with the normalized form of the path.

Below example illustrates the path.normalize() method in node.js:


// Node.js program to demonstrate the   
// path.normalize() method
// Import the path module
const path = require('path');
path1 = path.normalize("/users/admin/.");
path2 = path.normalize("/users/admin/..");
path3 = path.normalize("/users/admin/../comments")
path4 = path.normalize("/users///admin///comments")




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