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Networks and Process of Network Communications

Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2020
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If someone is interesting or willing to join the world of Cyber Security. He/She must be familiar with how Network Communication takes place. As the basic job of a cybersecurity analyst is to trace the event occur on the network. The record of the incident is stored in log files in systems involving in the network these log files contain the logs of network protocol operations. Through addresses, we can easily identify which hosts are connected to the organization or how many distant hosts are connected through the internet. 

With the help of these addresses in log files, we can easily identify which of the hosts are connected or tried to connect, with hosts in organizations. Other addresses of protocols can provide information on what the network connection attempt to do and is this behavior is normal or suspicious or dangerous for connection. If any then analysts trace that threat for the security of the organization and their data. We must understand how the normal network works so that we can catch any abnormal behavior created by hackers or by any suspected software in the network. Network protocols work as a brain of the network and network services provide the task we want to perform using the network.

Types of Networks

The networks come in different ranges from 2 devices to millions of devices connected on a single network. Some types of networks are as follows: 

  1. Small Home Networks- It connects a few devices(1-10) connected to each other and the internet.
  2. Small Offices/Home Office Network(SOHO)- The small Office/Home Office or SOHO network enables computers within a home office or a remote office to connect to a corporate network or access centralized, shared resources.
  3. Medium to Large Networks- This type of networks are used by institution or organization or Schools with hundreds to thousand interconnected devices from many locations.
  4. World Wide Networks- It is the largest connected existing network in the world. It is a collection of private and non-private networks basically we called it Networks of Networks.

Client-Server Communication

Client as the name suggests it require something and Server as it means Someone Who serves. The server is a device with installed software that enables the computer to provide the information to end devices on those networks. The server may be of single-purpose that provides a piece of single information like web page only and Maybe of multipurpose like providing web page, email, file transfer. 

All the connected devices in the network participate in network communication these classified as HOST. Hosts are the endpoints or Nodes of a network. Whenever we search for something on a Web Browser at that time web browser acts as Web Client and tries to connect with Web Server or when we use the email service Email Client tries to connect to the Email Server. Basically for different services on network different servers are present. Client Computer installs software like a web browser, email, file transfer to show the data obtained from the server. 

Typical Sessions:

In a typical network, a user connects to a network in school or college or an organization tries to connect with the Server that is in that college or organization or somewhere in the world. In this session, it establishes many connections. Let us see some examples of these Sessions. 

  • Student Session- Let us see an Example, Archit is a Brilliant student in his class his teacher Given him an assignment that he has to submit till the End of the day. So Archit takes his tablet and connect with School Network and Search his Assignment. After a tap on the search button, a Radio wave is generated that takes data of Archit’s Search as a string of binary with Address of Device so that information comes back to Device. So the Data is submitted to School Network wirelessly. Then the search Converted into Electrical Signals and travels through the school wired networks until they reach the place at which the school’s network connects to the Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) network. All the searched data flows with thousands of data on fiber network to ISP and this happens in just a fraction of Seconds.
  • Surgeon Session- Dr.Singhal is a Great Surgeon while during surgery he needs to consult a radiologist for surgery frequently. His hospital uses a special technology called Cloud. Cloud allows hospitals to store patients reports, MRI, X-rays on a centralized location that can be accessed over the internet. Whenever X-Ray, MRI has taken it will be digitized as computer data, and then the hospital computer sends that to Cloud Service. Security is also a concern so the data is sent in encrypted form. This encrypted data cannot be intercepted and read as it travels across the Internet to the cloud service provider’s data centers. Data is addressed also so that it can travel from the Cloud data center for Correct Service. Through this way, Dr.Singhal can operate with a Specialist from diverse location and share reports and images of the patient and discuss.

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