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Most Common First Names In The World (Popular Names Country Wise)

Last Updated : 26 Feb, 2024
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The world’s most loved first names in our eye-opening article, “Most Popular First Names In The World.” Trending names like Emma, Liam, and Noah, revealing what makes them so special. Learn about the influence of celebrities, history, and culture on these top choices. This piece is packed with facts about the origins and meanings of names that connect us globally. Whether you’re naming a baby or just curious, find out how names like Olivia bridge cultures.


Popular First Names in the World

Join us as we explore the most popular boys and girls names around the world, celebrating the diversity and beauty found in each name.

Worlds Most Popular First Name

The most popular first name in the world is:

“Muhammad” is often cited as one of the most common names in the world. This is due to the large Muslim population globally and the tradition among Muslims of naming their sons after the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Variations in spelling can affect the counts, but when combined, this name is extremely common.

Here are a few more names that have been noted for their popularity:

  • Mary: Mary has been one of the most popular female first name in many English-speaking countries, largely due to religious influences.
  • John: This first name has been incredibly popular in the Western world, especially in Christian countries, due to its biblical origins (John the Baptist, John the Apostle).
  • James: Another name with strong biblical roots, James has been a consistently popular name in English-speaking countries and has been borne by many kings and notable figures throughout history.
  • Michael: Ranked as one of the top first names in many countries over the years, Michael has biblical origins and has been popular among Christians. It has also been a common name for leaders and celebrities.
  • Wei: In China, Wei (伟) is a common given name that means

Most Popular First Names for Boys and Girls (Country Wise)

List of the most popular boys’ and girls’ names for each country with detailed facts and figures. These names show what cultures like and the trends that affect how people are named around the world:


Most Popular First Names

United States

  • Most Popular Boys Names: Liam, Noah, Oliver
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Olivia, Emma, Ava

Liam and Olivia have topped the lists in recent years, reflecting a mix of traditional names and those popularized by pop culture.

United Kingdom

  • Most Popular Boys Names: Oliver, George, Noah
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Olivia, Amelia, Isla

Oliver and Olivia have been long-standing favorites, showcasing the preference for classic names in the UK.


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Ren, Haruto, Yuto
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Yui, Sakura, Akari

Japanese names often carry deep meanings, related to nature and beauty.


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Miguel, Arthur, Heitor
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Alice, Sophia, Helena

Names in Brazil often reflect a blend of international trends and traditional Portuguese names.


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Noah, Leon, Paul
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Emma, Mia, Emilia

German names tend to be short, strong, and have historical significance.


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Aarav, Vihaan, Muhammad
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Saanvi, Aadya, Amaira

Indian names are diverse, reflecting the country’s rich linguistic and cultural heritage.


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Alexander, Mikhail, Artem
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Sofia, Maria, Anna

Russian names often have historical roots, with many names being popular for generations.


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Liam, Noah, Oliver
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Olivia, Emma, Charlotte


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Wei, Min, Jun
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Jia, Yi, Xiao


  • Most Popular Boys Names: William, Noah, Oscar
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Alma, Emma, Freja


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Muhammad, Ahmed, Omar
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Maryam, Fatma, Hana


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Gabriel, Louis, Raphaël
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Emma, Alice, Jade


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Leonardo, Francesco, Lorenzo
  • Most Popular Girls Names: Sofia, Aurora, Giulia


  • Most Popular Boys Names: Hiroto, Ren, Yuma
  • Most Popular Girls: Himari, Hina, Yui


  • Most Popular Boys: Santiago, Mateo, Sebastián
  • Most Popular Girls: Sofía, María José, Valentina


  • Most Popular Boys: Noah, Daan, Lucas
  • Most Popular Girls: Emma, Julia, Mila


  • Most Popular Boys: Mohammed, Chukwuma, Umar
  • Most Popular Girls: Aisha, Fatima, Chiamaka

South Africa

  • Most Popular Boys: Liam, Noah, Ethan
  • Most Popular Girls: Emma, Ava, Isabella

South Korea

  • Most Popular Boys: Min-jun, Ji-ho, Hyun-woo
  • Most Popular Girls: Seo-yeon, Ha-eun, Ji-yoo


  • Most Popular Boys: Hugo, Lucas, Martín
  • Most Popular Girls: Lucía, Sofía, Martina


  • Most Popular Boys: William, Lucas, Liam
  • Most Popular Girls: Alice, Olivia, Astrid


  • Most Popular Boys: Yusuf, Eymen, Ömer
  • Most Popular Girls: Elif, Zeynep, Hiranur


  • Most Popular Boys: Muhammad, Ahmed, Ali
  • Most Popular Girls: Fatima, Aisha, Zainab


  • Most Popular Boys: Mohammed, Rahim, Aarav
  • Most Popular Girls: Ayesha, Fatima, Jannat


  • Most Popular Boys: Amir, Mohammad, Ali
  • Most Popular Girls: Fatemeh, Zahra, Maryam


  • Most Popular Boys: Jack, James, Noah
  • Most Popular Girls: Grace, Fiadh, Emily


  • Most Popular Boys: Aarav, Ayush, Pranav
  • Most Popular Girls: Aarya, Samiksha, Priya


  • Most Popular Boys: Gabriel, Ethan, Nathan
  • Most Popular Girls: Sophia, Althea, Gabrielle


  • Most Popular Boys: Liam, Noah, Luca
  • Most Popular Girls: Emma, Mia, Sofia


In conclusion, the most common first names in the world show how culture, religion, and history shape what we are called. Names like Muhammad, Mary, John, and James are very popular because they come from important religious books and are used in many places. Other names like Michael, Wei, Anna, Ahmed, and Jose show how different countries have their own favorite names. These names help people feel connected to where they come from and to each other, even if they live far apart. As time goes on, the names that are most popular might change, but the stories and reasons behind these names will always be important.

Most Popular First Names In The World – FAQs

Is Muhammad one of the most popular names in the world?

This name has a truly iconic status, staking its place as the most popular name in the world. An estimated, yet ever-growing, 150 million people bear the name Muhammad, which varies in spelling from place to place.

What is the most common name on earth?

According to a 2023 study, Muhammad is the most popular first name in the world, with an estimated 133,349,300 people bearing the name. Maria comes in second place with 61,134,526 people, followed by Nushi with 55,898,624.

What is the most unique name?

Here are some of the most popular unique names.

  • Bode.
  • Colter.
  • Dallas.
  • Emerson.
  • Jax.
  • Kadence.
  • Lorelai.
  • Zander

What is the most popular name in US?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) tracks and publishes data on the popularity of baby names based on Social Security card applications for births. As of my last update in April 2023, for recent years, names like Liam for boys and Olivia for girls have been among the top.

What is a very American male name?

American names for boys can include American place names like Montana and Denver, American word names such as Maverick and Wilder, and American hero names like Lincoln and LeBron.

What is a popular boy name?

 Oliver, Elijah, Noah, and James are the popular boy names.

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