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Morgan Stanley Interview Experience | Set 35 (For Internship)

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Morgan Stanley:
  1. Given two arrays A, B and a required array wanted. You are given 8 functions each with a fixed length (example functions 1. Returns element in A (length 1) 2. Returns min of elements in A and element in B (length 7) … ) we need to find out the length of the shortest function that can be applied on A, B to get wanted array if no such function is possible then return -1. This is a very easy question but the language of the question was not clear.
  2. We are given a code sample and asked to optimize the code.
Given a string s of length n
Count = 0
for i =0 to n
for j = 0 to n
if( s[i] != s[j])
Count += abs(i-j)
Return count
20 Students out of 170 were shortlisted for the Interview round. Interview Round -1:
  1. Two processes are running on different computers how will you make them talk to each other.
  2. What is an API, REST, write a small REST API
  3. What is a thread
  4. Where are threads useful
  5. What is virtual memory
  6. Explain Paging
  7. some questions related to Process scheduling
  8. What happens when your ram is fully occupied.
  9. Write a small c++ multi-thread program
  10. What parts of memory do different threads share
  11. Problem with shared memory
  12. Locking mechanisms
  13. Problems with locks
  14. What is a deadlock
  15. How will you solve a deadlock
  16. How will you detect a cycle in a graph
  17. How will you detect a cycle in a graph using BFS
  18. You are given a very big file you need to give the top 10 most appeared words in that file.
  19. DBMS SQL queries. Top N query 
Interview Round -2:
  1. What did you learn in previous internships?
  2. You are having many files on a file server how will you make sure that you download only files that are modified.
  3. Why Morgan Stanley.
  4. How will make sure you convert your Internship into a PPO.

Last Updated : 20 Nov, 2017
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