Soroco Bengaluru Interview Experience for Software Engineer

I took Soroco Bengaluru Interview in October 2018 and again in jan 2020(in process)

Round 1: [70min] coding test on hackerrank

There was two Question mostly general purpose questions to test algorithmic skills one question include greedy algo and other is string based algorithm with easy to moderate level.

Round 2: [1.5 hr] Skype/Hangout/meet/Microsoft Teams round

Interview is taken by one of Senior software engineer there.

  1. One algorithmic Question that we need to find most optimal solution, also you need to implement that with shared screen. For me Question was i have given really large number with 10^10 digits in it. convert it to largest number < given number such that all number digits is in ascending order (known as tidy number ex:
      1. 782 -> 779
      2. 11110 -> 9999
      3. 132 ->129
  2. lat year the Question given a list of words group them so that all words which are shift cipher of each other come under one group.
  3. Networking Questions in depth : example when we open a browser and hit google what things happen, starting from thread creation/PORT(details, significance)/DNS(details, working etc)/TCP(included working of it)/request response etc.
  4. One SQL query that usage group by statement
  5. Linux command like, grep, ps, kill, tail, etc.
  6. Difference between webserver and app server
  7. Golang basics includes channels/interface and go routine
  8. Debugging microservice that is in production
  9. version upgrading microservices that are in production.

Round 3:[1 hr] Skype/Hangout/meet/Microsoft Teams round

Similar two the round 2 but taken by different person.

  1. Need to write optimise code for round given problem, This time Question was find that if given two sentence are similar, So fiest they give set of similar word  like [(good, great), (great, fine), (fine, ok)] (transitive property holds here). Using this mapping we need to validate string.

Round 4:[30 min] Telephonic

Taken by some senior person, here was really nice. and i was disqualified in this round.

  • Depth understanding of TCP/UDP protocol.
  •  depth understanding of  application memory space and working.
  • OS basics


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