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MindTickle Interview Experience for SDE-1 (Backend) | Off Campus

Last Updated : 16 Jul, 2021
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The First 2 rounds were taken by interviewvector team.

Round 1(DSA): This was an online round. The interviewer told me to share my screen and write code for the following problems on leetcode directly.

  2. A matrix-based graph question (BFS Approach).

I was able to solve 1 full problem(accepted solution on leetcode)

Round 2(Low-Level Design):

  • Design a portal similar to Gaana or Spotify. I was first told to write all the requirements and then I designed the system accordingly. I was able to brainstorm & code this in 1-hour time frame. We are just supposed to write the names of functions and classes.
  • If the interviewer asks specifically, then only write the code of a complete function.

Round 3(1 hour- Personal Interview): This round was taken by a senior employee of Mindtickle. Initially, there was some resume-based discussion. After that, he asked me a question.

  1. There are employees and their managers. Some employees don’t have managers. You have to output a sorted array such that no employee comes before its manager. This is actually is a graph-based question. And we just have to build the graph followed by its topological sorting. I was able to figure out this very quickly. I wrote the complete code and the sorting function. But to my bad luck, I made a mistake of 0-1 based indexing error during the interview due to which code didn’t run in 40 min time frame(including the approach discussion). But as I had discussed the appropriate approach, he directed me to another round which wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

Round 4(1 hour – Personal Interview): Similar to 3rd round, firstly he asked resume-based questions. He then jumped to the question.


I was able to think of the optimal approach during the interview but couldn’t code it in the time frame. The interviewer was not listening to my other approaches, and neither he was talking very nicely to me. This was the worst of all my rounds.

Verdict: Rejected in 4th round


  • Be prepared for the LLD round.
  • The DSA questions were not very tough. But sometimes, it’s your day and sometimes not. Just give your 100 percent every time.
  • They care for the running code. They don’t care for approach and problem solving skills. You have to give them running code with optimal solution.

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