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Microsoft Interview Experience SDE 1 off campus (8 months exp)

  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 04 May, 2019

1st round was skype interview:
Question 1 : Given a bst find 4 numbers which sum upto a given number .
without using extra space

Answer: Convert bst to dll and use 2 pointers approach O(n^3)

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Question 2 : It was based on BST also, don’t remeber the question.

From 2nd round onwards it was on Microsoft Hyderabad campus:
Round 2:
Question 1: Given a rowwise and column wise sorted matrix find number of negative elements in it.
Expected time complexcity O(n).

Answer: Start from bottom left element and if element is negative move right and if positive move up counting the number of negattive elements in a row and keeping boundary condition in mind.

Question 2: Given a Array of String encode that array into a String such that decode function can decode using the encoded String only.

Answer : For each String add Length of string a delimiter and String to encoded String.
If String is “abcd”
add 4#abcd to encoded String

Round 3:

Question 1 : Given a binary tree and a list of nodes to be deleted, find the root node of each tree after deletion

For ex if tree is

          /   \
         2     3
        /  \
       4    5 

and node to be deleted is 2, then answer will contain 1, 4, 5
O(n) single traversal.
Answer using postorder traversal.

Question 2: Given Dictionary of words and mobile Keypad, given number find all dictionary String starting from it. similar to this

Question 4:
Based on transforming 1 String to another, using graphs.

Round 3 : Manegerial Round:

General HR questions:
Why should we hire you?
Why do you want to change?
What do you do apart from projects?
One Technical Question:
Sort 50 GB large file of words.
Sorted chunks and then used heap.
Then told about the team i will be joining in details.

In every question they wanted Production ready code on paper.

Verdict: Selected.

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