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Microsoft Interview Experience for Software Development Intern

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Microsoft off-campus hiring interview experience, I got this opportunity through the Microsoft engage program 2022. Got an update about it through the GeeksGod telegram channel.

Eligibility: 2nd Year Undergrads in Computer Science, IT or Entc Fields.

Round 1: After shortlisting resumes and applications you are eligible for an MCQ round(20 questions). The questions were related to basic data structures and quite easy if you are clear with your basics.

Round 2: It was a subjective questions round (2 questions) related to aptitude and puzzles. You have to explain your solution in brief and to the point.

After 2 rounds you get eligible for the Engage program wherein you have to develop a project on any of the given topics. This year there were 3 topics. 

  • Face recognition 
  • Data analysis 
  • Recommendation system. 

I choose Face recognition as my project topic which was to be submitted within 3 weeks.

Project Review: The project was reviewed quite well and based on the project efficiency students were shortlisted. Those having remarkable projects were given direct internship offers while those with a good projects were shortlisted for the interview round.

I had my Technical Interview for SDE Intern @ Microsoft last week. . So how did the interview go? It started normally with my introduction and then the interviewer asked me about my Engage project experience then later on he moved to the coding round. He had shared a doc file with me and I was supposed to write the whole function. The first question asked was to find and delete the nth node from the end of the Linked list as I was quite familiar with this topic so I coded in 10-15 min. later he moved to the next question this was too easy I was given 2 functions add and delete from the array add the element at the end and delete the nth element from the end of the array I completed it in 10 min. The interviewer then asked me to explain the code then he was quite satisfied with my approach and asked me whether I had any questions for him to which I asked him about the work culture at Microsoft and he bid goodbye saying All the best! 

Further Updates are conveyed through the mail.

Project Tips: Focus more on uniqueness in a project rather than the tech stack used. As it’s a huge opportunity putting efforts into the project can give you a direct offer.

Interview Tips

  • Be clear and vocal with the interviewer. 
  • Focus on your basics, especially data structures. 
  • Revise OOPs, DBMS, OS well before the interview
  • Study your engage project well 5. Make sure you know your projects in your resume.
  • Practice coding regularly.

Last Updated : 26 Jul, 2022
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