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Microsoft Internship Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Feb, 2019

I applied for Microsoft internship(TECH SET GO 2018) through There were few basic criteria to apply like min 7  cgpa, no was a 6 round process.

Round 1: It was an online coding test which had three easy to moderate level questions and 90 mins were allotted for it.  for this round, you should be pretty good with string manipulations, arrays. they were not language specific. take care of the space and time complexity.




people who solved at least 2 were through this round. out of 350 from my college, 20 were selected and were called for interview after 35 days.

Round 2: it was a group event (56 people from different colleges were there). we were given the same question find the common element in all the rows of a row-wise sorted 2d array. people who were having the most optimized code were selected.(don’t use predefined functions). 22 out of 56 went to the next round.

Round 3: (45mins) My interviewer she asked for my intro and from that, we went to the project I made during my internship. She was interested in knowing how I implemented authentication and authorization in my application. she was very humble and responsive towards all my doubts. then she asked me to design a file system. there were basic DBMS questions like ACID,   inner, outer, left, right join. questions on dynamic and static polymorphism were also asked. she went through all the subjects I had studied in my previous sem like COMP ORGANISATION, DIGITAL LOGICS, GRAPH THEORY.  I was asked to design a database for the library management system and perform testing on it. Again basic oops concepts were asked. explanation of abstraction was one.

Data Structure ques-(coding)

  1. remove duplicates from a linked list in O(n).
  2. circular array from the double linked list (always discuss your approach before coding.)

I wasn’t selected for the next interview(there were 3 more). Around 10-11 made to the next rounds. Have at least 2-3 good projects on your cv, and practice well from geeksforgeeks. a lot of questions were from this site!!


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