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MathWorks Interview Experience(EDG)

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1st round – Online test(1hr 30 min) – either computer science or engg(core) option was given:

MathWorks (EDG)

MCQ’S and coding-2 problems

6 sets of mcq’s

  • math – aptitude, technical (OS, DBMS, DSA),
  • c, c++, java(syntax based, snippets and output)
  • 1 bonus set of mcq’s(python)
  • 2-coding problems – random for everyone

For me, these questions were asked


                   -11/13 cases passed for brute-force solution(other two timed out)

2)an array(vector) of pairs is given.

first number represents a character(0-25)

second number represents the time at which the character press stopped. find the key which takes longest time.

e.g <<2, 3><5, 7>>

pressing character ‘c’ took 3 seconds

pressing character ‘f’ took 4 seconds

character f takes longest time.


14 people got shortlisted for interviews

On the interview day we had a PPT of around 1 hour 30 min followed by the interviews

  • Interview Panel – (Two Managers, Two members from EDG team, HR)
  • there were three rounds of interview – technical round, manager round and hr round.
  • There was no specific order for these rounds and each round was elimination round.
  • Applicants were called in for any of the rounds based on availability of the interviewers.

my first round was technical round . Mine was a face to face interview, Some people had skype interviews. There were two people in the room ( The main person was asking technical questions and the other person who was a part of the EDG team was taking notes)

Technical round was not hard( i faced difficulty in answering the syntax based questions)

Questions were asked based on what language preference we gave during online test. I was asked questions on c and c++.

c++ questions based on snippets and outputs.

syntax based questions

Then was asked to write code for memory allocation and deallocation in c and c++(1-line)

1)Then was asked about time complexities of

  • -search
  • -insertion/deletion
  • -in array, hash, linked list, BST

2)write code for

  • -search/insertion in linked list
  • -binary search
  • implementation of
  • -hash map
  • -quick sort

3)At last the person from EDG team asked a few questions on trees(just pseudo codes)

  • – mirror of binary tree
  • – print the tree(i thought he asked to print the tree include spaces and nodes, was trying to answer this but he just wanted how BFS works to print nodes in level order)

Then was immediately called for HR round next

  • -tell me about yourself
  • -internship experience, why didn’t you take up a full time job at that place?
  • -challenge faced during project, how did you overcome it?
  • -describe your strengths, explain scenarios
  • -if you were to tell about yourself to a person, what would you tell him
  • -how would you develop yourself(i was answering something about learning more technical stuff, but she asked me how do you want to develop as an individual)
  • -why mathworks
  • -past interview experiences, why do you think you got rejected, what did do get out of the experience?
  • -what do you like about your campus and why?
  • -do you have any questions for me? (i asked a few which were not mentioned in the PPT)

Then was called to the Manager round next

  • -started of with informal introduction
  • -interests
  • -strengths
  • -weakness
  • -project experience (time management)(was asked more deeply on what my part was and how i did it, how i convinced team members)
  • -have you used matlab before?if yes, where and why?
  • -any plans on further studies?
  • -Location preference(why?)
  • -then he talked about the EDG program ( i asked a few questions to make it interactive)
  • -he asked a coding question
  • given a number n. print 1 to n if n>0 or -1 to -n if n<0 (without using a loop or semi colon)
  • -he was noting down all the key points of the conversation on a paper. at the end he asked me why do i think he did that?
  • -do you have any questions for me?

Finally 2 people got selected out of the 14 people who gave interviews. I was fortunate to be one of the two people.

Last Updated : 09 Jan, 2020
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