Livspace Interview Experience | SDE-1 Bangalore | July 2019 [Offer]

Status: Software Developer
Position: SDE 1
Location: Bangalore, India
Experience: 2 years

I was called on a weekday, there were 3 rounds conducted, and all the rounds happened on a single day, the whole process was very smooth and quick.

Round 1 (Javascript and Css Fundamentals):-

  • The first problem was related to javascript where I was given a number of days and was asked to add to the date object, and return the resulting date, all the edge cases needed to be covered.
  • The second problem was related to currying, the problem was to find the sum of (x)(y)(z)….n. This was an easy question if you have basic knowledge of recursion and currying in javascript.
  • The third question was related to prototype inheritance in javascript, I was asked to write a polyfill for slice function using prototypes such that the existing slice functionality is not affected.
  • The fourth question was related to var, let and const, some problems were given and were asked about the difference between these three types and scope of variables inside a function.
  • The fifth question asked was to design a popup modal in javascript, the idea was how to trigger a modal and close it using event listeners .
  • The sixth question was a theoretical question about event delegation.
  • The seventh question was about promises, error handling, promise chaining, closure.
  • Then I was asked some css related questions, like how to construct a tooltip, box model and a few more basic questions.

This round was a very pivotal round related to the basics, so the Js and css basics is required to be brushed properly.

Round 2 Application Design Round:-
I asked to make a Snake & Ladder game. There were few cases which were asked to cover, the interviewer was very helpful and helped me in a few places where I was getting stuck.
This round required basic DS and JS knowledge, Overall the round went well.

Round 3 Manager Round:-
This was the last and final round where I was explained again about the tech stack used and also told about the work that I would be working upon.
He asked about the difference between Angular, Vue and React, and for which problem which framework would be required.
The round was more inclined towards my behaviour and culture fit.

Overall the experience was amazing, the interviewers were very nice and patient, and were helping whenever I was getting stuck. Finally on the second day of the interview I got positive feedback from the HR and in a couple of days received the offer letter too

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