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Kali Linux – Wireless Attack Tools

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Many of us think that hacking wifi is like breaking a plastic lock with an iron hammer and it is so with the following mentioned tools. Hacking wireless networks are just a beginning part of moving from defensive to offensive security. Hacking wifi includes capturing a handshake of a connection and cracking the hashed password using various attacks like the dictionary attack, etc. We could do the same manually with the help of a tool called “wireshark” and trying different passwords to crack hash but in most cases, this takes a lot of time so to automate this process we have a few tools with us. And when it comes to tools Kali Linux always stands first in providing us with easy to use tools. So, here is a list of tools that one may use to crack the password of wifi, But before that use these tools to learn by using them on your Wifi modem or by taking the permissions from the owner of the network.

1. aircrack-ng

Aircrack is an all in one packet sniffer, WEP and WPA/WPA2 cracker, analyzing tool and a hash capturing tool. It is a tool used for wifi hacking. It helps in capturing the package and reading the hashes out of them and even cracking those hashes by various attacks like dictionary attacks. It supports almost all the latest wireless interfaces. To use aircrack-ng:
  • aircrack-ng comes pre-compiled with Kali Linux.
  • Simply type aircrack-ng in the terminal to use it aircrack-ng

2. Reaver

Reaver is a package that is a handy and effective tool to implement a brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) registrar PINs to recover WPA/WPA2 passphrases. It is depicted to be a robust and practical attack against WPS, and it has been tested against a wide variety of access points and WPS implementations. In today’s time hacking WPA/WPA2 is exceptionally a tedious job. A dictionary attack could take days, and still will not succeed. On average Reaver will take 4-10 hours to recover the target AP’s plain text WPA/WPA2 passphrase, depending on the AP. Generally, it takes around half of this time to guess the correct WPS pin and recover the passphrase. To use Reaver: Enter the following command in the Terminal:

3. PixieWPS

PixieWPS is a tool used to perform the brute force attack on WPS pins to crack them. It is a tool written in C language and has a lot of features like checksum optimization, Reduced entropy of the seed, Small Diffie-Hellman keys, etc. To use PixieWPS: Enter the following command in the Terminal

4. wifite

When it comes to wifi Hacking wifite is one of the most useful tools when you have a lot of wireless devices across your location. It is used to crack WEP or WPA/WPS encrypted wireless networks in a row. It could easily be customized to automate the process of multiple wifi hacking. It comes packed with many features, few of them are listed below.
  • When cracking the passwords for multiple networks it sorts them based on their signal strength.
  • Packed with a lot of customizing options to improve the effectiveness of the attack.
  • Changes mac address while attacking to make the attacker anonymous.
  • If an attacker finds any target not appropriate to be attacked, so it allows the attacker to block the attack for the specific network.
  • It saves all passwords to a separate file.
To use wifite: Enter the following command in the terminal.
wifite -h

5. Fern wifi cracker

Fern wifi cracker is used when we want a Graphical User Interface to crack wifi passwords. Fern is a widely used wifi hacking tool designed in Python Programming Language using the Python Qt GUI library. The tools are comfortable to attack wireless networks along with ethernet networks. Fern comes packed with many features, few of them are listed below.
  • Used in WEP cracking
  • It could perform dictionary attacks for WPA/WPA2/WPS with ease.
  • It provides service of an automatic access point attack system.
  • May be used to do session hijacking.
To use Fern wifi cracker: Enter the following command in the terminal.

Last Updated : 10 Jul, 2020
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