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IRIS – Open-source intelligence framework

  • Last Updated : 28 Nov, 2021

IRIS tool is an automated tool used for extracting information through OSINT means, IRIS is an open-source OSINT framework that includes modules for obtaining data on a target domain or individual through scraping web pages and extracting information from APIs. IRIS tool consists of lots of modules that can collect much more information about the target. IRIS tool is developed in the Python Language and available on the GitHub platform. It’s free and open-source to use.

Note: Make Sure You have Python Installed on your System, as this is a python-based tool. Click to check the Installation process: Python Installation Steps on Linux

Installation of IRIS Tool on Kali Linux OS

Step 1: Use the following command to install the tool in your Kali Linux operating system.

git clone

Step 2: Now use the following command to move into the directory of the tool. You have to move in the directory in order to run the tool.


Step 3: You are in the directory of the IRIS. Now you have to install a dependency of the IRIS using the following command.

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Step 4: All the dependencies have been installed in your Kali Linux operating system.

python3 -m iris

Working with IRIS Tool on Kali Linux OS

Example 1: Display available module list


Example 2: Get GitHub account information by username

use social/github geeksforgeeks

We have got the information about the username geeksforgeeks which is present on the Github platform.

Example 3: Enter a name and find Instagram profiles

use social/full_name_to_instagram thisisbillgates

We have got the information about the username from the Instagram source.

Example 4: Lookup IP-address


We have got the IP Lookup information for the target domain

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