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iOS 16 Release: All You Need To Know About The Major iOS Update!

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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Most-awaited iOS 16 is now available for Apple iPhone users to download. These updates bring a range of interesting and exciting changes to enhance and take the user experience to the next level. The updates will be available for iPhone 14 series, iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12 series, and iPhone 11 series and iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The other iPhones supported are iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone SE Gen 2, and iPhone SE Gen 3.

iOS 16 Release: Release Date, New Features, and Other Important Details:

Reportedly, the new updates will completely change the Lock Screen features which will now include various features supporting personalization. Not just that, the new iOS 16 will take care of the users’ health and fitness as well. This increases the excitement of knowing more about the feature that iOS 16 is bringing to the table, and there are many questions around the iOS 16 regarding the specifications of the updates, who will be able to download it, and how? Also, the size of the updates. So, here are all the answers: 

Lock Screen Interface and Updates

As mentioned earlier, the Lock Screen will have a lot of changes supporting personalization which will also include widgets. The users will be able to customize the Lock Screen by long-pressing it after which they will see a ‘Customize’ option. After this, they will be able to add more widgets to the Lock Screen. It will even let the users use personal photos or a set of photos that may to chose and keep them on shuffle automatically on the Lock Screen.

The revamped Lock Screen will also display live activities that include sports scores, and music playing on the notification stack at the bottom of the screen. In addition, the users will see multiple Lock Screens which can be tied to focus modes for different usage purposes. Also, ‘Focus Filters’ will let the user hide the distracting content from apps.

New Experience with iMessage and Mail

Giving relief to iPhone users, the new update iOS 16 for the first time will let the users edit or unsend the messages. The users will have 15-minutes to make the changes and after that, they will lose the ability to make any changes to the messages. Well, that is not it, the new update will also enable the users to recover the deleted messages up to 30 days after they have deleted them. There will be also a feature of the Messages filter extension which will allow the users to classify business messages into sub-categories such as finance, orders, reminders, coupons, etc.

The iOS 16 doesn’t stop here! It will enhance the Mail app which now will let the users cancel the sending of an email under the timespan of 10 seconds and it will the mail will also show a pop-up warning in case you forget to attach something to an email or if you have forgotten to add a recipient.

iOS Will Take Care of Your Health & Fitness

Medication feature on iOS 16 is a flagship update for users who lose the track of their medications. So, the update will let the users track their medications and for that, they will be able to set a schedule and receive reminders regarding their medication.

The iOS 16 also come up with an improvement in the Fitness app which now will become a fitness buddy of the users by helping them meet their fitness goals via keeping a tab on their steps using the sensor on the iPhone. Plus, it is going to count and give an estimate of calories burnt by tracking third-party workouts.

Easy User Experience with ‘Passkeys’ and Captcha

If you are tired of remembering a number of passwords, then this feature is absolutely designed for you. The iOS 16 update will be adding a ‘Passkey’ feature that will replace passwords with Touch ID or Face IDs and keep it with iCloud Keychain to sync them across your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, and it also promises ‘end-to-end encryption’.

Now, after Passkey, the iOS 16 will take care of Captcha as well. The feature can be enabled from the ‘Settings’ through the following process- Apple ID> Password & Security > Automatic Verification. After activation, the iCloud of Apple will verify the user’s device and Apple ID account in order to get them relief from the need for any Captcha verification.

Other Updates

There are some updates that are as interesting as those highlighted yet these have missed the limelight. So, the iOS 16 is also packed up with a bulk of ‘Really Needed’ features like WiFi password management in settings which will allow the users to reference and share passwords or delete old ones for a particular Wi-Fi.

Also, if you are on a call, and want Siri to hang up the call. It is now possible with iOS 16. The user will just be needed to ask Siri to hang up the call. But! keep in mind that the person on the side of the call will be able to hear you saying this.

In addition, the Photos app will be more advanced now which will be able to identify duplicate images via Albums > Utilities and help you delete them.

When You May Receive iOS 16 Updates?

The iOS 16 update has been rolled out for most Apple devices. However, some users may have to wait. Also, the users may have to wait for some features as well. Because some of them will arrive later. Although, the features are already available for iPhone 14 series that were launched last week. The size of the updates may range from 3-5GB in accordance with the devices.

How to Check and Download iOS 16?

In order to download the updates, the users are required to visit ‘Settings’ on their iPhone, tap on ‘Software Update’ and then wait for the page to refresh. Now, the notification for downloading the iOS 16 will appear, the user will need to click on ‘Download and Install’ and enter their Passcode. Once the download is done, they will need to click on ‘Install Now’. After this, the iPhone will restart and install the update and after the completion of the process, the iPhone will be upgraded to iOS 16.

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