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Introduction of Superphone

  • Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2020

Superphone is related to Smartphone. So, to understand Superphone, it is necessary to know about smartphone as well.

Smartphone :
Smartphones are phones that allows its users to do much more than just making phone calls and texting. They provide many more features such as going online, downloading apps, playing music, watching videos, attending video calls, taking photos and videos. They are tiny computers that can almost fit in palm of their user’s hand. They can be carried all over world. Several operations and features can be used even if user is not online.

Superphone :
Tech savvy users needed more than standard smartphone. This resulted in making of superphone. Smartphone can be called superphone if it has additional features in it.

The additional features that make smartphone superphone include but are not limited to following. It must allow social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter. It must be capable of 3G, 4G or higher connection technologies. Phone must have a screen size greater than or equal to 4 inches. It must atleast have dual core processor. It must have an internal speed of at least 1 GHz. It must posses graphics accellerator that is 3 D. It must have high quality camera ranging from 5-8 MP. The superphone must be able to record and play 720p HD Video.

Wider screen of superphone makes watching of videos very comfortable and reduces strain in eyes. 3D graphics accelerator is sure to enhance online video game experience. Video games are very important selling point for buyers that enjoy games. Dual core processors make superphone much faster than smartphone, as result of which higher upload and download speeds are reached.

Superphone has more features and higher price band attached to it. Smartphone on other hand has similar features or less with reasonable price point. Better of two would depend on user’s needs. If user wants to use it for general basic purposes such as calling and internet surfing. Standard smartphone is more suited. However, if he is gamer of mobile photographer or more tech savvy and is comfortable with price point of superphone, superphone is more suited in such case.

Examples of Superphones are LG G Flex 2 and Moto Z

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