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Introduction of Podcasting
  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2020

Podcast is all about audio. With whatever you are listening instead of watching its video side by side is known as podcasting. So, basically it is a free service that allows Internet users to pull audio files to listen. Whether you listen songs or listen some motivational stories or any topic on which a person is speaking and you are listening or a group of people talking and you are listening instead of watching them by eyes, then that is known as PODCASTING.

Example –
You listen to the songs or news on a radio while sitting back at home or in car, but the problem is that not every-time you listen to your favorite songs or the news. There comes in picture, podcasting. This will soon replace radios in future as people likes to hear their own favorite things to listen whether it is a motivational story, a song, news or anything.

Creating a good podcast doesn’t require a good lighting, a good background or a good camera. You just need a good content on which you can speak as podcasting is all about audio. There are various platforms that are investing money in podcasting.

You can make podcast on any topic, there is no need of structure. You just need a content, for example, you are a engineering student, then speak about your engineering. Anything about your college, your friends, your teachers or your study, you can speak on anything on that topic. If you are in school, share your views about school or what is happening over there. To make podcast, one can speak on any topic whether you visited a shop, a market or mall or your locality.

The purpose of podcast is to provide an opportunity to record and share digital copies of experiences or events in your world. Google, spotify and Apple has its own podcast. The best platform for podcasting is ANCHOR. The main advantage of this application is that when you upload any podcast, it automatically sends it to other podcast platforms.

Few characteristics which are required for good podcast are –

  • Clear Audio.
  • Consistency.
  • Topic with good content.
  • Most importantly, enjoying yourself while speaking. Only then, audience will connect.

You can even earn money by creating podcasting. One of the biggest ways to earn money podcasting is by getting sponsors. Sponsorship pays more depending on how many people listen to your show. As the number of people who listen increases, so will your revenue. If you create a good content, your listeners will automatically increase, so your earnings too.

Top 5 Podcast Hosting Platforms –

  • Libsyn
  • Buzzsprout
  • PodBean
  • Simplecast
  • Megaphone

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