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Interesting Facts About CSS
  • Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2019

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.This style sheet language is used for defining the presentation of a document written in some markup language like HTML. CSS has now become a very important part of building blogs and websites.

Here are some interesting facts about CSS:

  1. CSS was first intended in 1994 by Håkon Wium Lie while working at CERN with a computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee.
  2. The motivation for making CSS was to provide a system to style the information which is being presented (At that time, this was solely lacking), and to isolate the process of styling from that of content creation.
  3. The specifications of CSS are maintained by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).In March 1998, the RFC 2318 registered Internet media type (MIME type) text/css for use with CSS. The W3C conducts a free CSS validation service for CSS documents.
  4. Dissimilar to the CSS2 which was comprised of a single document, CSS3 is seperated up into many individual modules which is improving both the functionality and the ease of working.
  5. CSS3 has managed to set a new touchstone in the development speed. Now many parts of its functionality are included what used to require a combo of CSS and Javascript. So, time is saved in the course of production, loading and lastly towards the end product.
  6. With CSS we can play with the images and animation.The page layout, animation and quality of images make the first impact before the content catches a viewer’s attention.The Image filters are easily available on CSS and we can do that right here, without having to work or taking help from any other software.
  7. With CSS we can make better backgrounds. So backgrounds not any more need to be boring and static. Previously, we needed some additional programming and scripting, but now this can easily be done with CSS3.
  8. Browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox have different ways of handling the rendering process of CSS styles., If you want to start with a real blank new stylesheets, you can use reset.css which resets all the fundamental styles.These are the few commonly used reset.css frameworks –Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset, Yahoo Reset CSS, Tripoli
  9. There is no way to give a name to a CSS rule, which would allow the client-side scripts (for example) to consult to a rule even if its any selector changes.
  10. Without using CSS, it is very typical thing for web designers to lay out their pages with techniques like HTML tables that obstruct accessibility for the vision-impaired users

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