HTML | DOM Navigator taintEnabled() Method

The Navigator taintEnabled() method was best avoided in JavaScript version 1.2, and has been deprecated since then to prevent run-time errors in the future. Data Tainting was a security feature to destroy or remove the highly infectious data used by JavaScript 1.2. It has been completely discarded by now; this method only available for maintaining compatibility with very old scripts with limited browser support. It returns a Boolean value that shows whether the browser has data tainting method enabled. The NavigatorID.taintEnabled() method would always returns Boolean false value.



Return Value:
It returns a Boolean value, specifying whether the browser has data tainting feature enabled.

Example: It would return true if data tainting is supported and enabled, and it returns false if the feature is disabled.





<!DOCTYPE html>
        HTML DOM Navigator taintEnabled() Method
    <h2>HTML DOM Navigator taintEnabled() Method
    <p id="geeks"
        Welcome to GeeksforGeeks!
    <input type="button"
           value="Is data tainting in my browser enabled?"
    <script language="JavaScript">
        function functionGFG() {
            // data tainting is enabled or not.
            var temp = navigator.taintEnabled();


Before Click:

After Click:

Supported Browsers:
This method has long been deprecated and beware before using it because at anytime it may be withdrawn. Despite being removed it is supported by the following browsers:

  • Opera 3.5
  • Internet Explorer 4.0/Edge.


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