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How to Use AI in Excel for Automated Text Analysis?

Last Updated : 26 Feb, 2023
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Text analysis is a machine learning technique used to automatically extract valuable insights from unstructured text data. Companies use text analysis tools to quickly digest online data and documents, and transform them into actionable insights. We can use text analysis to extract specific information like keywords, names, or company-oriented information from thousands of details, or categorize survey responses by analyzing the text.

Automated Text Analysis in Excel

AI in Excel can be used for automated text analysis by utilizing its built-in functions, macros, and add-ins that allow you to automate repetitive tasks and perform advanced text analysis.


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Some Text Analysis Techniques:

  • Text classification
  • Text extraction
  • Word Frequency
  • Clustering

Steps to be followed in Excel for Automated Text Analysis

Step 1: Open the Excel spreadsheet and proceed with Azure machine learning add-ins. Add-ins such as text analytics for excel provide advanced text analysis capabilities such as sentiment analysis, key phrase extraction, and language detection. These can be used to automatically extract insights from large amounts of text data, such as identifying positive or negative sentiments in customer reviews or extracting key topics from a collection of documents.



Click on the Get Add-ins tab.



Additionally, Excel can also be integrated with other AI services such as Azure cognitive services or AWS comprehend to perform more advanced text analysis tasks such as entity recognition, language translation, and machine learning-based text classification.



Step 2: After installing the Azure Machine Learning add-ins it’s time to prepare your text data by cleaning and transforming it in Excel. This may include removing unnecessary columns, removing duplicates, and standardizing the format of the text data.



Step 3: Now apply the web services to the cells to apply text sentiment analysis. Azure Machine Learning add-ins for Excel are a set of Excel add-ins that allow users to build, deploy, and manage machine learning models within the Excel interface. These add-ins provide a user-friendly way to access Azure Machine Learning’s capabilities and can be used to create predictive models, deploy them as web services, and consume them in Excel. 



Below, we can see that the text analysis is done.



Overall, Automated text analysis in Excel can greatly reduce the time and effort required to manually analyze large amounts of text data and help to extract insights more efficiently.                     

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