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How to print Odia Characters and Numbers using Python?

Last Updated : 10 Jul, 2020
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Odia(ଓଡ଼ିଆ) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the Indian state of Odisha. The Odia Script is developed from the Kalinga alphabet, one of the many descendants of the Brahmi script of ancient India. The earliest known example of Odia language, in the Kalinga script, dates from 1051.

ଅ ଆ ଇ ଈ ଉ ଊ ଋ ୠ ଏ ଐ ଓ ଔ

କ ଖ ଗ ଘ ଙ ଚ ଛ ଜ ଝ ଞ ଟ ଠ ଡ ଢ ଣ ତ ଥ ଦ ଧ ନ ପ ଫ ବ ଭ ମ ଯ ର ଲ ଳ ଶ ଷ ସ ହ ୟ ୱ

୦ ୧ ୨ ୩ ୪ ୫ ୬ ୭ ୮ ୯


Before printing odia characters and numbers one has to install odia library. One can install odia library using pip command.

pip install odia

Printing odia characters using Python

One can print the odia vowels using odia.vowels() and using odia.consonants() can print odia consonants.

# Python program to print odia characters
# Import odia library
import odia
# Print vowels
# print consonants


[‘ଅ’, ‘ଆ’, ‘ଇ’, ‘ଈ’, ‘ଉ’, ‘ଊ’, ‘ଋ’, ‘ୠ’, ‘ଏ’, ‘ଐ’, ‘ଓ’, ‘ଔ’]
[‘କ’, ‘ଖ’, ‘ଗ’, ‘ଘ’, ‘ଙ’, ‘ଚ’, ‘ଛ’, ‘ଜ’, ‘ଝ’, ‘ଞ’, ‘ଟ’, ‘ଠ’, ‘ଡ’, ‘ଢ’, ‘ଣ’, ‘ତ’, ‘ଥ’, ‘ଦ’, ‘ଧ’, ‘ନ’, ‘ପ’, ‘ଫ’, ‘ବ’, ‘ଭ’, ‘ମ’, ‘ଯ’, ‘ୟ’, ‘ର’, ‘ଳ’, ‘ଲ’, ‘ଵ’, ‘ଶ’, ‘ଷ’, ‘ସ’, ‘ହ’, ‘କ୍ଷ’, ‘ଜ୍ଞ’]

Printing odia numbers using Python
One can print the odia numbers using odia.numbers().

# Python program to print odia numbers
# Import odia library
import odia
# Print numbers


[‘୦’, ‘୧’, ‘୨’, ‘୩’, ‘୪’, ‘୫’, ‘୬’, ‘୭’, ‘୮’, ‘୯’]

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