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How to keep your PC awake automatically using Python?

  • Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2021

In this article, we are going to discuss how to keep your PC awake using Python. In order to perform this task, we are going to use an external Python module. 

Here we will be using a python package PyAutoGUI (cross-platform GUI automation Python module used to programmatically control the mouse & keyboard. ) This will keep your PC awake forever till you close the program. Use the below command to install this module:

pip install pyautogui

After installing the module execute the below program:


# Import required modules
import pyautogui
import time
# FAILSAFE to FALSE feature is enabled by default 
# so that you can easily stop execution of 
# your pyautogui program by manually moving the 
# mouse to the upper left corner of the screen. 
# Once the mouse is in this location,
# pyautogui will throw an exception and exit.
pyautogui.FAILSAFE = False
# We want to run this code for infinite 
# time till we stop it so we use infinite loop now
while True:
    # time.sleep(t) is used to give a break of 
    # specified time t seconds so that its not 
    # too frequent
    # This for loop is used to move the mouse 
    # pointer to 500 pixels in this case(5*100)
    for i in range(0, 100):
        pyautogui.moveTo(0, i * 5)
    # This for loop is used to press keyboard keys,
    # in this case the harmless key shift key is 
    # used. You can change it according to your 
    # requirement. This works with all keys.
    for i in range(0, 3):'shift')

On executing the above program, you will see that after the specified time in time.sleep() the mouse pointer moves to extreme left corner (can customize this too by mentioning the co-ordinates inside pyautogui.moveTo() to your preferred x co-ordinate and y co-ordinate of the screen and starts moving down.

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