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How to Get the Input From Tkinter Text Box?

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2020

Tkinter Text box widget is used to insert multi-line text. This widget can be used for messaging, displaying information, and many other tasks. The important task is to get the inserted text for further processing. For this, we have to use the get() method for the textbox widget.

Syntax: get(start, [end])


start is starting index of required text in TextBox

end is ending index of required text in TextBox

If end is not provided, only character at provided start index will be retrieved.


  • Create Tkinter window
  • Create a TextBox widget
  • Create a Button widget
  • Create a function that will return text from textbox using get() method after hitting a button

Below is the implementation:


import tkinter as tk
# Top level window
frame = tk.Tk()
frame.title("TextBox Input")
# Function for getting Input
# from textbox and printing it 
# at label widget
def printInput():
    inp = inputtxt.get(1.0, "end-1c")
    lbl.config(text = "Provided Input: "+inp)
# TextBox Creation
inputtxt = tk.Text(frame,
                   height = 5,
                   width = 20)
# Button Creation
printButton = tk.Button(frame,
                        text = "Print"
                        command = printInput)
# Label Creation
lbl = tk.Label(frame, text = "")


Snapshot after pressing Print button for above code

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