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How to Create a Twinkling Star Effect in Flash?

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  • Last Updated : 08 Mar, 2022
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Animation is a big process that involves different scenes in which small components are animated first and then everything is rendered as a whole so Flash is best for this process to animate each component separately. Symbols, instances help in reducing the size of the animation project as these can be animated once and after which can be used in any project. 

Animating Twinkling of Stars  

Stars twinkle on a clear night and that gives a pleasant and relaxing effect for everybody, so we will see how to animate stars using different features of flash. We will create our own image and if you want you can download it from the internet but make sure images should be copyright free. Follow the below steps animate twinkling of stars:

Step 1: Open a new project in Adobe flash.


Step 2: Draw a rectangle on the stage.


Step 3: Set its gradient to linear-gradient and change alpha to give a night look.


Step 4: Add a new layer and name it Mountains.


Step 5: Use the line tool to draw mountains and color them black.


Step 6: Add a new layer and name it stars.


Step 7: Use the oval to draw a star and color it white.


Step 8: Convert it into a symbol.


Step 9: Double click on it to go inside it.


Step 10: Insert a keyframe at frame 25 and at frame 12.


Step 11: At frame 12 change the alpha of the star to 80%.


Step 12: Select a middle frame and apply shape tween.


Step 13: Now double-click to come to the main stage.


Step 14: Make copies of stars and paste them randomly to fill the sky.


Step 15: Change the timing of the stars using the looping option.


Step 16: Insert a frame at frame 25.


Step 17: Press the run button to see the animation.


Congratulations your animation is ready. You can press Ctrl + Enter to see the output of the twinkling stars animation. Here is the output video of the animation.

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